Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Wee Boy ..part two

This last week I have spent quite a bit of time...laughing ...crying....being scared out of my mind....and just generally thanking God for the wee boy.!!...He is growing up so quick..cant quite believe he will be 2 in November....where does the time go.

I am so privileged to be able to care for him ...not just when mummy goes to work but at other times when both Cat and Nick are serving at church ..or having a night out with friends...he is the delight of both Chris and my life in so many different ways.

One of the things I absolutely adore about him is ...his fearlessness....he seems not to realise he is just little...soft play areas designated for over four/five year olds have been conquered already....slides and climbing apparatus in parks that are mostly for eight /nine and ten year olds are also conquered and as for getting anywhere on foot...why walk when you can run.

To see the wee boy run is a delight and no one who watches this can fail to be laughing within seconds...its a sort of trot trot trot...with arms flung wide and sort of flapping up and down...not quite sure about the dynamics but they work for him. His latest skill is the two foot jump...he learnt this in the  last week or so and now its a case of why walk or trot when you can actually jump your way...takes slightly longer (!) but is such fun.

Mostly I share the time with the wee boy...with Chris...or with Lucas...or with Matt...but Friday it was a special day as I knew it would be just me...and the wee boy. I decided to go to Beale Park for the day.The sun shone and we spent 6 hours together having just the most perfect day. I did have several scary moments...whilst on the swing he stood up...yes in full flight he somehow or other got onto his feet...then he tipped over upside down and his foot got stuck in the bar so he was sort of dangling.....Granny Mooneys reflexes were top notch as I reached for his other foot and rescued him from a head fall....I am still shaking as I think of this...the woman standing next to me had hysterics...not the laughing kind ...she got such a fright on my behalf. She asked how old he was and said is one right little goer isn't he !!!

One of the other things I love about the wee boy is his sweaty head....its gets so muggy sometimes and as he lives life faster than the speed of light ..the wee boy gets all and sweaty....his hair is so very fine and it just sticks to him...esp if he has a hat on...when you take the hat off he looks so funny....we then sweep in up into a Mohican ..not just on the top but at the sides funny....

Today...for the second time in one month I also had nearly all the family here....we had everyone except number two son who was in London and the wee boy had a great time...all three Mathilda and Uncle Mike and Auntie Debs and of course mummy and daddy...lots of fun...he is so confident with all the dogs and they are all big Labradors but he just goes with the flow...the dogs are here for 10 days as Mike Debs and Mathilda are off to Turkey so the wee boy is gonna have lots of fun with them.

When Cat and Nick were trying for babies we prayed and prayed and asked God for a miracle and He surely blessed us with this wee boy....but its as if God then decided to create Elisha into such an amazing bundle of joy...then packed in some more good stuff....then pressed it down and added more...I am daily thankful for Eli...but always aware that many others still don't have their miracle baby and always aware that their are some Grandparents who don't see too much of their wee ones....but for Chris and I we feel completely blessed by aware of His goodness to Cat and Nick and to our family.